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About Amishay
Amishay Marketing Company was founded by Menahem Max Amishay in 1935 in its historic name Halotesh. A metal factory dealing with casting and metal processing, Halotesh was the first plant in Israel to manufacture hardware for building. Since 1965 the factory, now Amishay, had expanded its activities and started exporting hardware to Greece, Turkey and the United States. Now, after years of extensive activity, Amishay is concentrating on importing and marketing hardware from Europe and the Far East, representing and marketing the best brands as well as producing its own exclusive and original products.
Our Company
Amishay Marketing Company is one of the leading companies in its field in Israel. We are known for a wide range of Hardware products for building and provide full solutions for wooden windows and doors, aluminum, glass, fire and security doors. Amishay Marketing Company demonstrates its commitment to innovation, quality, and design of leading products and works diligently to continue to provide an optimal solution to the unique needs of our customers.
Marketing Company ltd.
works closely in cooperation with developers, contractors, architects and designers and gives an answer to the different tenders. Our clients include: The Ministry of Defense, municipalities, institutions, kibbutzim, hospitals, hotels, manufacturers of doors and windows and most of the retailers and professionals in the field. Our team is reliable, professional and experienced, providing a skilled service to all our customers.
1945 / Packaging team at the first factory in Tel Aviv
1945 / Packaging team at the first factory in Tel Aviv